- NEWS -
12.08.2012 Merhaba! Hello!
  We've got huge news for you folks! First of all, the recordings of our latest stuff, which is going to be an EP, are finally
  finished. A huge thanks goes out to Ünsal, who took on task of recording our stuff, Ali of Studio Deep in Ankara, Turkey,
  Mert for helping us to record some vocal parts and Batu of Cenotaph & Drain of Impurity for doing some screams.
  New EP will be called as "a-politik-a" and will include 9 songs. 2 of them are completely re-recorded previously released
  songs on our 4-way split "4 Ways of Eastern Brutality" out on Extreminal Productions (tur). You'll find detailed information
  (tracklisting, cover etc.) on "Disco" page, make sure to check it out!
  Btw, we're so grateful for the support of Onur "theBlast" Özcan, for making the fantastic hand-drawn cover art of
  "a-politik-a" and for the retouch on our logo which is also his very own creation. Thanks a lot buddy, without your work,
  we'd be fucked up so bad.
  We're now looking for a proper label to release the new material. STAY TUNED!!!
14.12.2011 Hey bitches, today is the day!
  We're entering the studio TODAY to start recording our new shit and really excited about what's to come.
  Stay tuned for more big news soon.
07.12.2011 Hey there, grindfreaks! Long time, no speak...
Here in the Rektal Tuşe camp things went kinda slow in the recent past, last few months have been difficult for us to
  handle some song-writing and noise-making shit. Plus, tokMAKATör is still in the military service (fuck that shit!). But
  after all, we still have some good news for you bitches; new songs are ready for a 3-way split w/ Drain of Impurity
  (goregrind / bdm - Turkey) & Magistral Flatulences (porngrind - France) expected to be released through Extreminal
  Prods - Turkey. We'll be hitting the studio very soon to record our new material. Who's excited? - That'll be prolly the
  most mature shit (sound and song-wise) we have ever done before guys! Just stay tuned.
  Btw, click this link for the official RxTx page and like it if you're into Facebook shit.
We had a blast this weekend! Isparta gig was memorable!
That was our first ever show out of our hometown Ankara and it was nice to be with the guys in Isparta. Yep, we had some technical difficulties but we got it handled. We shared the stage with old and new friends, participated the collective endeavor of Süleyman Demirel University Rock Society and it was all fun. Cheers to all the fans and friends attended to show and came to support. Check back often to see some shots taken at the gig...
We'll be showing up next on The Day of Dead: TRDM Party at Nedjima Rock Bar in Ankara, TUR on 26.03.2011.
Welcome to official Rektal Tuşe site! We have launched the site at last, enjoy it and drop in time to time.
  (A huge thanks go out to Fatih & Extreminal for hosting this site.)
  By the way, we'll be on stage tomorrow (19.03.2011) in Isparta, Turkey at the second vol. of Süleyman Demirel University Rock Society's "Metal Meeting" gigs. Run an eye over gigs page.
New web-site coming very soon...